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What a VA does...

As the business owner, 80% of your time should be focused exclusively on planning, strategising, marketing and development. ⁣

Doing your own administration cuts into the time you have to devote to those core revenue-generating areas.⁣

What we do:

☁️ Customer service support

☁️ Email & diary management

☁️ Schedule meetings & appointments

☁️ Online research

☁️ Scanning, photocopying, binding, laminating

☁️ Preparation of correspondence & presentations

☁️ Electronic filing, archiving & cloud filing

☁️ Marketing & mail-out program coordination

☁️ Tender application

☁️ Design contracts

☁️ Create company profiles/accounts (CRM, e-sign etc)

☁️ Design of forms, newsletters, flyers, brochures & business cards

☁️ Creating, converting & formatting documents & spreadsheets

Have you thought about outsourcing, but unsure what exactly you want to unload? You don’t need to hand the reigns over for EVERYTHING! Maybe just one or two of these admin tasks can support you to keep the wheels turning 👉🏽

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