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SMART Goals - 16 Dec 2019

2019 is almost over, so have you considered what your business goals are heading into the new decade? 2020 is only 16 days away... ⁣

Setting business goals will guide you to success, you can track your process along the journey and keep accountable! ⁣

We recommend following the SMART goals:⁣

🍃SPECIFIC - keep goals clear & defined ⁣

🍃MEASURABLE - be precise to be able to keep track ⁣

🍃ACHIEVABLE - be realistic so goals can be accomplished ⁣

🍃RELEVANT - is the goal aligned with your business & time? ⁣

🍃TIME BOUND - set a deadline, achievement will come quicker as urgency increases ⁣

Write down the goals, choose your wording wisely; “will” instead of “would like to” or “might”. Post the goals in a visible place and have a constant reminder of what you are striving towards

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