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❕Do you understand the National Employment Standards and how it applies to your business?

❕Have you sent a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement to all your employees?

The Fair Work Act provides employees with a safety net of minimum terms and conditions of employment through the National Employment Standards (NES) - 10 minimum employment entitlements that have to be provided to all employees in Australia, regardless of industry or location. These relate to:

1️⃣ Maximum standard weekly hours (38 hours for full-time employees, plus ‘reasonable’ additional hours).

2️⃣ A right to request flexible working arrangements.

3️⃣ Parental leave and adoption leave (12 months unpaid, with a right to request an additional 12 months).

4️⃣ Annual leave (4 weeks per year for full-time employees).

5️⃣ Personal leave (10 days paid for full-time employees) and compassionate leave (2 days paid each permissible occasion).

6️⃣ Unpaid community service leave for activities dealing with certain emergencies or natural disasters (and jury service leave that is paid).

7️⃣ Long service leave.

8️⃣ Public holidays and the entitlement to be paid for ordinary hours on those days (employees also have the right not to work on public holidays).

9️⃣ Notice of termination and redundancy pay.

🔟 Employers must provide new employees with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement.

The NES overrides the terms of a contract of employment, and the terms of a modern award or an enterprise agreement, that are inconsistent with the terms of the NES. If you need help deciphering these HR terms, reach out! 🙋🏼‍♀️

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