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Correctly Display Your Opening Hours Online!

Kinda feel like we have to shout it after having a run of bad luck over the last few weeks with regards to restaurants, cafes and shops not having updated their correct trading hours online.⁣⁣


Now more than ever, customers are checking your business hours on Facebook, Google and your website to find who is open in these crazy times. ⁣⁣


☼ Are you still open?⁣⁣

☼ Have your services changed?⁣⁣

☼ Have your open & closing hours changed?⁣⁣

☼ Have your services changed to takeaway only or no longer serving dinner?⁣⁣

Trust us, there’s nothing more frustrating than checking ahead a café business hours on Facebook, waking up at 5am to drive 35 minutes away to watch the sunrise eagerly awaiting your FAVOURITE coffee & breaky, to find out the café is closed! (But Facebook said open whhyyyyyy?!) This can impact your reputation and brand, word of mouth gets around, don’t upset your customers you want them to stick around! 💁🏼‍♀️⁣⁣


Do you need help in updating your social media, website or Google My Business page to amend any changes to your services / products? Let us help you! Reach out, because we really want to make sure we don’t miss out on any more of our favourite dishes and feel the pain of incorrectly advertised hours online!

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