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When they’re sick, you stop 👶🏼

A hard concept for me as a working Mum/business owner/perfectionist/control freak lol. A child’s surprise illness can push a working parent to the point of panic (“She can’t go to daycare and I’ve got a jam-packed calendar that I can’t rearrange — so now what?”)


Whenever someone says it’s urgent - determine their urgency vs yours. Can you finish the report while your child is sleeping? Can you get someone else to step in for you on the Zoom?

Ask for help and accept that not everything will be completed this week.

I used to get frantic when Andie was sick, but the right perspective can make all the difference. Instead of seeing it as an inconvenience, I look at it as an opportunity to re-bond and reboot. A day of baking, reading books and snuggling could be just what the doctor ordered — for both of us 🤍

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