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Working from home

Working remotely has it’s perks! But also comes with challenges! Anyone else easily distracted by needing to put on that load of washing, or a quick hashtag research the results in scrolling this app for hours?

We love coming to the office every day! Bouncing ideas off each other, catching up on the weekend gossip and coffee dates together in between the hours chained to our desks. Pj’s on the couch just doesn’t provide the same type of motivation you get from a suit in the office chair!

Whether you’re home alone and the house is too quiet, or you’re home with the family and the kids are out of control, you may find it’s tough to stay on task, get your work done, and feel productive.

If you can’t be with your team right now and you’re affected like us, with the latest lockdown in Newcastle and the Hunter - check out our top tips for staying motivated when working from home.

🌫 Set up a dedicated workspace

Not only will working from bed result in poor posture and back pain, working from bed decreases sleep quality, which decreases work productivity, energy levels, and quality of life.

You don’t have to create a fancy or elaborate office to separate your sleep space from your work. Just a few tweaks or a simple piece of furniture can do the trick. Have you considered a standing desk?

🌫 Structure the day

Working from home may be new, but you can keep all other routines the same. Get up at your normal time, change out of your pj’s, workout, pour the coffee and take on the day.

It’s important to have a clear schedule. Establish a time to begin and end work. Try to stick to it as much as you can.

🌫 Keep in contact

The @epsoffice team stay connected using @slackhq - great for quick questions to a colleague, meme sharing or group chats! For informal discussions replace the email with a chat app, if we can minimise the amount of incoming emails that’s a win in our eyes!

We also love Zoom for team meetings when we can’t be together. The last 12+ months have truly showed us how many in-person meetings can be tabled to a Zoom/Email/Slack!

Working from home? Who do you miss most from work?

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