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Why do we love being Virtual Assistants?

When we tell people what we do for a living, the response is usually the same. First they say “oh ok, cool,” followed by “…so what is it that you do?” 🤔⁣

It would be easier to respond with, “what don’t we do?” Last week, for example, we booked business travel for clients and processed five separate payruns. We invoiced customers for clients, we created content for client social media posts, re-designed a company logo and submitted a tender for a construction project.⁣

Not all Virtual Assistants have the same job description. In general, VA’s are self-employed professionals who provide administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely.⁣

We usually talk about benefits to companies when hiring a VA, but today wanted to share with you what we love most about being Virtual Assistants! ⁣


Working remotely provides opportunities for flexibility in our daily schedule. Clients depend on us to complete tasks, but our virtual arrangement affords us time to work outside of the normal 9 to 5. We can often stagger our hours and get things done early in the morning or late at night. This flexibility is a huge advantage in creating an important work-life balance.⁣

✖️Increased learning potential ⁣

Most VA’s work for several clients in various industries across the country. The learning curve is often steep when you must learn the workings of several companies all with different procedures, protocols and programs. However, if you can learn quickly and adapt to an ever-changing environment, the possibilities to learn and grow are endless. Most office jobs do not afford such a vast array of opportunities.⁣

It’s cliché but no two days are ever the same! We love what we do 🤍

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