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Why are customer reviews online a necessity?

Why do you need customer reviews online?

💫 Better brand reputation, informing new potential customers

💫 Increased social proof, reinforcing potential customer's feelings

💫 Improved Search Engine Optimisation, after five reviews on Google your business will show up on Search Engine Results Pages

How do you get more reviews from customers?

✨ Reach out to repeat customers, express your appreciation for their support and leave a direct link for their feedback

✨ Make it as easy as possible, less clicks to rate or short sentences for the customer's own words

✨ Offer an incentive, show you value your customer's time and feedback!

✨ Create review options on different platforms, such as email, Facebook, Google

Use these tips to incorporate asking for reviews into your marketing strategy. Customer reviews have the power to propel your brand’s reputation and build trust with your audience. Whether you’re collecting reviews on your website, social media, or another tool, these strategies can help streamline the process 🌻

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