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When "It's All Urgent", We got you!

No matter how carefully you plan, things still go wrong! When "It's All Urgent!!" here are our top tips to prioritise, when everything's a priority…

🕐 Ask for help! Ask a colleague, delegate, talk to your manager

🕑 Stay flexible. Things can change in an instant so be prepared to drop what you have to, when you have to!

🕒 Fix urgent over important. Have you heard of Eisenhower's Principle? List all activities and projects that are important and/or urgent. Think about each activity and put it into one of four categories (slide across to see!)

Use this strategy to help you quickly identify the activities you should focus on to deal with the truly urgent issues. Important & urgent tasks, to the top of the list!

Hopefully this helps with strategizing the urgency pile!

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