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What's your Plan B?

Fire, storm, pandemic or dare we say, email outage - having a robust and thorough contingency plan can save your business from losing precious time and money.

Whether your business is small or large, some simple steps put in place are essential to the longevity and success of your livelihood.

💭 What would your contingency plans be in the event of a major telecommunications crash?

💭 Does your business have strategies in place to navigate around sudden or imminent business disasters?

Tips for developing your Contingency Plan:

▫️Conduct a risk assessment; this could include identifying key functions and processes without which your business could not function

▫️Focus your attention on the most important issues and imagine the ‘worst case scenario’ - here is where you can start to pull together people/places as your resources or Plan B’s

▫️Once these risks are identified and resources captured; develop the plan for a specific risk. Include a brief overview of the strategy that you will follow in response to the event. This provides a context for the actions that you ask your people to take

▫️Maintain and update plan as required. This is not a set and forget plan! When running any business changes are expected and must be prepared for

EPS can devise, implement and execute such strategies to keep your business running smoothly.

Ready to strategise with us? Send an email to to keep your business moving before the unexpected happens! ⚡️

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