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Watch the attitude

One of the most difficult things to do in challenging times is to keep focused on the few things you can control, while refusing to be distracted by the many things you can't.

Sounds pretty simple: see the good, work hard and be nice. Let go of things you can’t control, focus on things you can! Sometimes we just need a reminder on how to best implement 💫

ATTITUDE is the external manifestation of your inner thoughts. So if you’re thinking negatively, your attitude will follow and be neg as well. How can we change from negative to positive?

⋒ Believe in yourself

⋒ Be intentional

⋒ Practice healthy habits

⋒ Have an attitude of gratitude

EFFORT is what you put into a task to complete and succeed to achieve the goal. Minimal effort will lead to minimal results, through the effort we can get the real value of our work. Need to improve your effort?

☼ Focus on the process not the outcome

☼ Avoid over-committing

☼ Embrace new opportunities

☼ Set smaller, achievable goals to tick off the wins

By focusing first and foremost on the things we can control, it helps keep life in context. What thoughts will you change today to improve your attitude and effort? 🌻

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