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Recruitment Strategies

Whether you work for a small startup or a large enterprise with thousands of employees, you need to know how your team is going to grow over time - in other words, who you’re going to hire and when.

That’s why developing a recruitment plan to streamline the hiring processes is vital - ensure you have access to the talent you need, and when you need it.

A strategic recruitment plan is not only important for filling job vacancies, but also because poor recruitment decisions can be costly.

EPS began working on the recruitment plan for New Wilkie Energy six months ago. We are now very much in the thick of the process - interviewing candidates, undertaking pre-employment requirements and offering roles at varying levels.

Being onsite recently presented the opportunity to watch the first wave of new starters at site who are undertaking inductions and training.

This project has been rewarding for the EPS team and a personal career highlight for Jodie. It has been a pleasure working with Paul and Matt who represent management at NWE 👍🏼

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