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New Recruit? What Do I Need to Provide?

Hiring a new employee? Congrats! Do you know what you need to provide to your new team member?⁣

We have an onboarding process that covers all of the necessary steps to prepare for onboarding your new employee, to guide them through to becoming an integral part of your team!⁣

Here’s a snippet of the EPS onboarding process to give you an idea of how to onboard:⁣

📚Review the role’s position description. Is everything current?⁣

📚Send the contract of employment to your new employee, and get a signed copy back!⁣

📚Get the employee to complete new hire forms, being sure to obtain personal data, payroll data, emergency contacts etc⁣

📚Provide copies of company policies, do you require the employee to sign these?⁣

📚Prepare team introductions, set up necessary meetings with key staff, organise a welcome tour, specific inductions⁣

📚Prepare the new employee’s work environment – whether it’s a desk, vehicle or office, ensure equipment and access is ready for day one!⁣

📚Set checklists for day one, week one, after one month, after six months and after 12 months – continually review!⁣

At EPS we offer Human Resources support and can provide you with an onboarding process that includes a checklist tailored to your business environment.⁣

Do you have employee contracts in place?⁣

Maybe you need forms or policy templates?⁣

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