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Let's talk about sleep deprivation

My little miss Andie is teething, waking all hours of the night and clingy like a clip-on koala souvenir on a tourist’s shirt. I’ve been a bit of a walking zombie the last week or so and as a result I’ve been getting the essential client workload completed however EPS tasks gets pushed to the wayside. Hence the hiatus on social media lately.

So how exactly does sleep deprivation affect our work performance?

💭 Less productivity

💭 Out of focus

💭 Emotional instability

After recognising I was guilty of the above three points, I thought it was time to come up with a plan that doesn’t just revolve around bulk cappuccinos. I’ve committed to exercising more which I know is best for my mental health, I’ll ask for help with Andie, delegate the workload, make time for me (aka catch up on some Netflix) and get a catnap in here and there. It’s time to prioritise and keep perspective!

Being a working Mum is hard! Sleep deprivation is real, but it’s only temporary.

How do you juggle the working Mum life?

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