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It's wonderful learning new things!

I love a good face to face workshop and when it comes to Human Resources, with legislations forever changing, it’s wonderful to learn new things!

Today I attended a HR Workshop with @employsure to get 2021 off on the right foot, understanding the changes to modern awards and legislations.

We learnt of the recent changes to casual overtime where in November 2020, the Fair Work Commission made variations to a number of awards regarding the way overtime is calculated. The Substitution Method, The Cumulative Method and The Compounding Method are each one of three methods to which overtime would be calculated for casual employees, and this varies from award to award. If you employ casuals, you must make yourself familiar with these changes!

Topics today also included performance management and knowing the difference to disciplinary management. We gained more insight into leave available to employees and knowing the difference of Personal/Carer’s leave and when you can reject an in-genuine medical certificate!

It was interesting to learn about the definition of Independent Contractor and the importance of keeping a contractor on an ad-hoc basis as to not blur the lines of an Employee relationship where you may end up with a case against your business! Google ‘Sham Contracting’….

It was great to reaffirm we are following the correct legislation and guidelines when it comes to hiring new employees. When you engage a new employee, there are five important documents your employee should receive upon commencement:

📑Letter of Offer

📑Contract of Employment

📑Job Description

📑Employee Handbook

📑Fair Work Information Statement – Employers MUST provide this document! Are you unsure what this document is or where to find this?

These HR Workshops are free and traveling around Australia so I highly recommend you check out @employsure events page on their website and secure a spot if you’re a small business owner or Manager in a small to medium business!

As always if you have any questions or want to know more about what we learnt today, reach out we’d love to share our wisdom! This is the start of a new HR series of posts to kick off EPS content for 2021....🤩

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