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Instagram Story Highlights

Q) What are highlights? 📸⁣

A) Archived Instagram Stories that stay visible on your profile after 24 hours. ⁣

Your highlights are front & centre on your Instagram profile, so they’re perfect for helping new visitors discover what your business is about. ⁣

What are some highlight cover ideas? ⁣⁣

〰️ FAQ ⁣

〰️ Pricing info ⁣

〰️ Behind the scenes ⁣

〰️ Insider tips & tricks⁣

〰️ A branded content portfolio

〰️ Reviews of your product / service⁣

If you don’t have access to design software or you just want to save time/ money, you can utilise highlight covers that are created and ready for use from @coverhighlightig

Just search a colour or theme suited to your brand, screenshot, save and upload to your own highlights! So simple! ⁣

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