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How to Support Small Businesses

Many small businesses have been hit hard in these challenging times. Some have been forced to close their doors, lay off staff or completely pivot their operations in order to survive.⁣

There are many ways that we can help support our local business community right now!⁣

♡ Show some love on Social Media⁣

Engage with their posts, repost their posts on your own socials, like their photos and write positive comments.⁣

♡ Leave a review⁣

Businesses rely on positive reviews and feedback to attract new customers. Share your positive experiences, even if short and sweet you are helping market them to new potential customers.⁣

♡ Shop locally, online⁣

Some small businesses don’t have a website and are now solely relying on sales via social media platforms. Many are providing contactless delivery or pick up options so check local before hitting the big retailers.⁣

♡ Order delivery or takeaway⁣

So many of us are missing our favourite dishes from restaurants and pubs in our communities. Some have pivoted to continue operations purely takeaway and delivery. Check out your local’s social media page or website for menus!⁣

♡ Purchase a gift card⁣

No you won’t be able to benefit from it for a few months yet, but you will be helping a small business to stay afloat now and you won’t need to spend money in the future!⁣

Our local business community is relying on us and needs our support right now, let’s help to keep their doors open so that we can look forward to enjoying these gems in our community in the future!

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