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Cut. It. Out.


“If I want to do what I do best, I leave the rest to the best” – otherwise known as outsourcing!!

When running your own business it’s easy to get trapped by the need to do everything yourself. Yes outsourcing does cost money, but if you think of it as an investment – you can focus your energy on revenue raising while offloading the tasks you don’t have time for, nor really want to do!

What are the most time-consuming admin tasks that could be outsourced?

💫Email filtering

Do you have 435 unread emails, or completed tasks still sitting at the bottom of your inbox, or spammy emails flooding your inbox?

💫Preparing reports/documents

It’s part of business, preparing Excel spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations. We can create professional looking slides and spreadsheets for your client or prospects meetings

💫Record keeping

It’s important to keep your Client Relationship Management database regularly updated and client or supplier records properly organised - filing is all cloud-based and online anyway!

💫Data entry

A monotonous task but an important one! If your business goes through a large volume of data and figures, you need to ensure data entry is completed in an accurate and timely manner

💫Online marketing

It’s important to ensure a visual online presence and to constantly work on enhancing this online presence. Think social media marketing, blogging, website updates or registering your business for Search Engine Optimisation!

Time is a precious and valuable commodity in business. Having more time spent on productive activity will allow you to see and capitalise on opportunities within your industry!

Outsourcing time-consuming admin tasks will also get you to streamline costs and efficiently manage your budget.

Let EPS save you time! Send us an email if you’re ready to delegate and have some fresh input to your business! ✨

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