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Know your worth, Then add tax

What does this mean? Why does this matter? How do you determine your value?⁣

People will forever sell you short, whether it be at work or just navigating life. If you don't know your worth, no one else is going to find it for you, let alone price you. ⁣

Everyone wants a discount, everyone wants to save, everyone is looking out for themselves, first. What can you do TODAY to commit to knowing and answering to nothing short of your value? ⁣

⚡️ Find your value⁣

⚡️ Clearly define & communicate that value⁣

⚡️ From here on in, answer to nothing less than what you are worth⁣

HOW? ⁣

⚡️ State facts. Why is your skill set unique? What problems do you solve?⁣

⚡️ Reset your mindset. Eliminate fear & doubt, show confidence!⁣

Know your worth. Your potential depends on it. Are your practicing this mindset already or working towards?

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