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How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed requires planning! We personally can't just press upload without knowing in advance how this will display on our feed within our current and future posts. ⁣

Not only does scheduling your content in advance keep you organised, it also helps with your social media strategy and overall brand on your profile. ⁣

We've tried Later, Plann & Feed Preview but now MUCH prefer using Planoly of its excellent features, is now my prefered method of Instagram post management:

☁️ Drag-and-drop function, you can plan and reorganise your Instagram feed

☁️ Draft & edit captions

☁️ Schedule posts in advance

☁️ To see past and upcoming posts, use the calendar view

☁️ Collaborate with other members of your team.

☁️ Manage multiple Instagram accounts

☁️ Metrics: view your likes & comment engagement

☁️ Split image feature on iOS to create a more visual campaign

☁️ In one spot, you can manage and respond to comments.

Are you using a scheduling tool to plan and post your content?

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