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Busy but not productive?

Does being busy mean you are productive? We’re all busy, but we are not all similarly productive.

These days we are trying to focus in an age of distraction. Weaving between the incoming phone calls, email notifications and information the day throws at us.

Here’s a productivity tip : write yourself a ‘to-don’t list’ – a list of tasks you would like to let go of. Productivity is more about what you don’t do rather than what you are doing.

Here’s a list of some things I don’t do while working..

◽️I don’t open emails that are newsletters/ communication updates

◽️I don’t read the news

◽️I don’t over-program my daily schedule so that there is no downtime

◽️I don’t schedule meetings on Monday mornings

So what do I make sure I do in those crucial work hours?

🔘 I write the daily to-do list first thing so I know how the day will run

🔘 I make phone calls on my commute to work

🔘 I delegate based on what projects are low priority or not interesting to me

🔘 I have a variety of projects on the daily task list so I can shift tasks based on my mood and energy level, while still attending to important/urgent tasks

It’s important to know what we don’t want to accomplish, just as much as we do. You’ll have time for what really matters if you eliminate unnecessary busy work.

Your to-don’t list may include tasks that you should either stop doing, significantly minimise, or delegate to others. And you can always delegate to EPS 😉

Abandoning work that isn’t helping you meet your goals will give you more time to focus on the work that is – and then to revel in your success!

Let us know what is one task on your to-don’t list! ✔️

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